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With over 1,100 Kooler Ice Machines operating in 40 states, Australia, Canada, Bahama’s and Martinique, NOW is the time to get in on this ground floor opportunity!!!


High Return On Investment

No Employees to Manage

Little Time Commitment

Leaders In Innovation

Kooler Ice has been the Pioneer in the Self-Serve Ice Vending Machine Industry since 2007. Kooler Ice’s patented and award winning Ice Vending Machine designs are highly productive, user friendly, easy to maintain and very efficient while priced significantly below the other ice vending machines on the market!

High-strength, corrosion-free aluminum alloy frame

Siemens Electronic Cellular Modem

ICETALK™ 4000 Communication System

IceTalk™ Remote Access

IceTalk™ is a web-based interface that allows you to monitor your Kooler Ice vending machine remotely from your computer or smartphone. Know what’s going on with your ice vending machines at all times. There’s no more wondering about status–what’s going on is a cold, known fact.

Track ice and water sales by the hour, day, week, month, and year

Set the machine to “free vend” for special events

Receive service alerts to monitor machine conditions

Real People, Real Revenue

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